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Meyer Burger Efficient Solar Panels, The New Standard:
Made in Germany.
Designed in Switzerland.

Latest generation high power solar panels,
with a 20% increase in energy efficiency per unit area, stability 
and maximum performance thanks to low temperature coefficients.


Innovative technology

Solar panels with triple advantage:

for you, your customers and the environment.

Meyer Burger cells absorb significantly more solar energy than conventional cells and, thanks to the low temperature coefficient of our modules, ensure maximum performance even in hot and sunny seasons.

For your customers, this means: up to 20% more energy efficiency per unit area and significantly higher energy efficiency compared to current standard technologies.

For over 40 years, our technologies have characterized the world of solar energy and guaranteed clean energy.

We further developed the heterojunction technology (HJT) and made it more efficient. By combining cells with our patented SmartWire technology (SWCT™), solar cell shading is reduced by up to 30%.


Our solar panels



- Nominal power 375-395 Wp

- Efficiency: 20.4-21.5%

- Modern and elegant design

- Black "backsheet" foil

- Panel with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si cells, HJT

- Heterojunction cells

- Dimensions (mm): 1767x104x35

- Weight: 19.7 kg

- 25 years product and performance warranty


White-Maximum power

- Nominal power 380-400 Wp
- Efficiency: 20.7-21.7%
- White "backsheet" foil
- Panel with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si cells, HJT

 - Cell Heterojunction
- Dimensions (mm): 1767x1041x35
- Weight: 19.7 kg
- 25 years product and performance warranty



- Nominal power 370-390 Wp

- Efficiency: 20.6 - 21.8%

- Transparent glass back Panel with 120 half-cells, monocrystalline n-Si cells, HJT  

- Heterojunction cells

- Bifaciality factor of 90%

- Dimensions (mm): 1722x1041x35

- Weight: 24.4 kg

- 30 years product and performance warranty


At Meyer Burger trust,

It is our commitment to your success

It is important to us to ensure that our products meet your needs and requirements. That's why, in developing our premium panels, we listen to installers, the mainstay of our industry. And we allow their opinions, wishes and suggestions to be immediately integrated into our products.

We promise premium quality, which means more performance for your customers.We don't always have to make our modules bigger and bigger. Thanks to our Heterojunction/SmartWire technology, our modules produce up to 20% more power in the same area as equivalent standard modules.

For us, Premium also means combining tradition with innovation. We look back on a long history and are a company with roots in Europe. That's why we decided to keep our knowledge on location. In our facilities in Switzerland and Germany, we not only develop and produce state-of-the-art solar modules, but also create good jobs, train professionals and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the regions.

And "Premium" means keeping our word. To keep our word regarding our products, our services and our trustworthy behavior towards our customers and partners. See for yourself!

Our solar modules


Made in Germany

Designedin theSwitzerland

Production and development of solar cells and modules according to the highest quality standards in Germany and Switzerland.


Maximum profitability

Up to 20% more energy efficiency on the same surface. Best performance even in low light and high temperatures thanks to heterojunction technology - even in the morning, at noon, at the end of the day or on cloudy days.


Absolutely durable

Above-average cellular stability, maximum strength, durability and increased tear resistance due to the material-saving production process and the patented SmartWire network structure.


Consistent sustainability

Creating value at the regional level. The highest social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Conscious use of renewable energy and renouncing lead, products with 100% renewable energy.


Guarantee of reliability

Secure income with a 25-year product and performance guarantee. Due to the particularly good resistance of the product, the performance remains at least 92% after 25 years.


Exceptional aesthetic

Discreet, high-quality Swiss design suitable for all roof shapes and sophisticated architecture.


Sustainable production

We want to make energy production more sustainable. With our Solar Panels, your customers can generate their own emission-free electricity sources. All with a premium product manufactured according to the most rigorous environmental standards.

Because in our modules, we completely eliminate the toxic heavy metal lead, use significantly fewer solvents, run our facilities on renewable energy and recycle our discarded modules as much as possible.


On the way to the most sustainable solar photovoltaic panel in the world.

Durability and stable yields

Our solar panels are of high quality, have a perfect finish and can be used flexibly. The SWCT™ technology used in solar panels improves cell stability and efficiency and makes the system less susceptible to micro-scratches, one of the most common reasons for energy loss in solar panels. In addition, the ultra-stable base plate protects the cells from moisture and other influences  ambient.

Market leading warranty services


Your customers benefit in the long term from high returns thanks to unmatched performance. For all our modules, we offer an industry-leading warranty package in accordance with German law. As a rule, our solar modules come with a product guarantee of 25 years (glass foil) or 30 years (glass-glass).

"We also ensure that we offer reliable and stable performance over decades: after 25 years, the power of all solar panels remains at 92%. Regarding our glass-to-glass products, we guarantee more than 93% of the initial maximum performance, even after 30 years.

Quality Made in Europe: Development in Switzerland, production in Germany

We develop solar cells and panels in Switzerland and manufacture them in Germany. This means fast delivery routes and consequently short delivery times. We purchase many materials from European suppliers for production, so we are prepared to deal with supply chain disruptions.

In addition, our technical support service is always available to answer any questions. This allows you to provide quick and easy solutions to your customers in case of problems."


A calculation that works

With our solar calculator, Meyer Burger users can quickly and easily calculate their individual savings potential in a simple and hassle-free way!


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